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Once upon a time a monk from the Allgäu went on a pilgrimage to France and England – the origin of his fellow monks St. Magnus and St. Theodorus who – from their base in St. Gallen – went out to become missionaries with the pagan Alemanni in the Allgäu.


It was supposed to be exactly one thousand miles to Dublin and for our monk it was a sign from god to stay right there. Unfortunately it is not known whether he came to the emerald island to preach gods gospel or whether he was attracted by the locals´ art of brewing and distillating, their lively music or their open minded and outstanding people.


Over a thousand years later – since the summer of 2009 – there is no need anymore for any monk or any other human being to undertake a tedious pilgrimage of one thousand miles. It only takes a short, leisurely walk through downtown Kempten to open a door to Ireland, to sample typical Irish food, beer and music. The door to the Irish Pub called “A thousand miles to Dublin”.


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